How To Set Up Your Pinterest Business Account


It was only a matter of time before Pinterest introduced Business Accounts.  Now they are here and brands are jumping on board by setting up a Business account or converting a current “personal” account to a Business Account. 

Pinterest Business Account

So what Do Business Accounts on Pinterest mean for your Business?  In this post I show you how to set up a business account (or convert your current account to a Business account) and start to leverage the power of visual marketing on Pinterest for your Business.  

So what Do Business Accounts on Pinterest mean for your Business?  
  • Pinterest has changed their terms and conditions. They now have one set of terms for Personal users and one set for Business.  In a nutshell, you need to ensure that if you are using Pinterest for business already, you need to convert your account to a Business account.  Pinterest is supportive of the B2B and B2C potential of businesses using their platform, so take a moment to familiarise yourself with their terms and conditions, both for business and personal use.
  • Pinterest have recently launched a new Set of Resources – just for Businesses, indicating that they are dedicated to working with brands and encouraging them to use Pinterest as part of their overall social media marketing strategy.  This is a clear “green light” for brands or businesses to market on Pinterest. Note: the usual rules of “remember to make it about the user” apply here. Don’t just sell, provide great content as well!  
  • Pinterest has a great new landing page and Series of tools for Businesses – designed for businesses signing up for the first time….and for current businesses already on Pinterest. Easy to use, Pinterest have provided an easy “walk through” for businesses wanting to establish their brand on this popular social network.  Having walked through both of the following procedures, I can safely say that it is very user friendly:
    • start-up process (ie setting up a new Business Account)
    • conversion process (ie changing my Socially Sorted page from a standard page to a Business Page)
  • Pinterest make it easy for brands to add the relevant Pin It and Pinterest Buttons to their Toolbar or Website during the sign up process.  Or just visit their Goodies Page anytime to get some great tools for Pinning and being found on Pinterest!
  • You can now enter your brand name as part of registration (no more clunky firstname/lastname on a personal account to get it to work!).
  • Businesses can now have their website verified. This involves a simple process of embedding a line of code on your server. If you are not “techy” you can easily arrange for your web person to do this.  See the instructions for “Converting a Page” below, as these apply for verification of a new page as well. Once the verification process is complete, you receive a verified website link or “badge” on your Pinterest profile page.
A Note on Personal vs Business Pages

I decided early on to have two accounts. It was just a personal decision that I made – I wanted to be able to separate:

  • my business, Socially Sorted which would showcase current social media and visual marketing content (with a twist of fun and visual creativity) on Pinterest…with a taste of me and the “people” element behind Socially Sorted.
  • my personal account Donna Moritz which would have some links to and feature Socially Sorted and Social content, but is more about me, what I love, my interests and my inspirations.  To put it simply, if I want to pin a chocolate recipe, a mojito with a twist or my travel bucket list (not to mention kid and family stuff), you will find it here…with a social twist. But let’s face it, no matter how much of “the face behind the company” you want to see, if I go through a big phase of pinning kids holiday ideas, you might switch off. Hence I choose to have a separate personal profile. I don’t recommend that everyone requires two platforms…this is just my personal choice!  I also link my personal Pinterest account to my personal account on Facebook (as currently it is not possible to link to business pages),  so it made sense to link personal with Facebook and Business with Twitter.  

Like many other companies, my Socially Sorted account was essentially a personal account under a business name. It’s fine. Oprah did it too. So did Whole Foods. (Note:  they did it well and continue to do so. Please follow their accounts and their example).  Now we can all have an “official business page”.

How to Set Up Your Pinterest Business Account
#1  Set Up A NEW Account

After walking through this process I can tell you that it is simple, and one of the easiest “set up” processes of any social media platform.  Don’t be afraid to just jump in and do it. 

Pinterest Business Account

  • Go to you will need is here.  On this page, you will be asked to choose between starting a New Business Account or converting an existing account to a Business Account (as in the example above).  Follow the prompts for entering your contact business name, contact name, email address, password – as well as your username, business name as you want it to appear, and your profile image (or logo).  Make sure you enter a description and include key words that you want to be searched for as a business.
  • After doing all of the above,  all you have to do is enter your website, accept terms and conditions and voila – business page.  Don’t stress about the set up – many of the fields can be changed at a later date. For instance, you do not need to spend hours working out which “category” you belong in. It can be changed later!
  • Complete the Verification Process for your website – this is simpler than it looks, but you may need some outside help.
    • Pinterest will provide you with some simple HTML code, that needs to be uploaded to your website server.  This is so that Pinterest can “verify” you as the owner or manager of the account.  My advice:  send this code to your web guy or girl and ask them to do it. I did this with my web guy (thanks Brett) and he informed me it is very simple and takes just a minute to complete.  I have included more information and screenshots below in this post, as it is the same as for the “convert your business page” procedure.  
    • Click next/continue once you have the word that the code has been loaded and Pinterest will (usually) confirm very quickly that your website has been “verified” and you will see your website turn into a hyperlink! As I mentioned, this procedure is the same for “converting your page” as it is if you are starting a new page.
  • Start Pinning!  Pinterest offers some great guidance to help you get started.
Other Options after Verification
Pinterest offers some great tips for getting started with pinning, how to drive traffic to your website and growing your audience! It’s a bit like having your hand held as you go!
  • I would recommend that you:
    • Follow the instructions on the image above for: 
      • Starting to pin (by adding the Bookmarklet to your web browser).
      • Driving traffic back to your website (including the addition of the “Pin It” button to your content).
      • Growing Your Audience (including how to add the Follow Button).
    • Read through the Business Resource Section for really clear information about setting up your boards
    • Start to set up some Boards (Pinterest will guide you in doing this). Start with  maybe 5 or 6 main categories that you want to pin about.  For example, if you are a nutritionist or massage therapist, you might start boards called “Living Foods” , “Meditation Tips”, “Our Blog Posts”, “Massage & Detox” or “Exercises We Love”.  Choose whatever you think you will like to share, and definitely include topics that your target market will be looking for.
    • Follow people that you know, companies you love and thought leaders or experts in your industry, as well as clients and potential clients.
    • Start Pinning & Follow these tips – from my guest post at Amy titled “The 10 Commandments of using Pinterest for Business”. It is simple, easy to follow, and contains a rockin’ infographic that summarizes all of the tips.  You can also see the infographic here.
Business Tips from Pinterest
Pinterest have some awesome tips for Business – check out their business section – from case studies to tips for sharing visual content, they provide some great ideas!
#2  CONVERT Your Current Profile to a Business Account

Here are the simple steps I followed to “convert” my existing Socially Sorted account to a Business Account:

Click on “Convert Your Existing Account”.

This gets you started. Choose the option to convert your existing account.

Complete your details

After electing to convert your account, it is just a matter of updating your profile information and clicking Convert – it’s that simple.

Pinterest Business Account | Socially Sorted | Visual Marketing | Visual Social Media
Pinterest makes it easy to check and update your information ready to “convert” to a business account.

As mentioned above with setting up a business account, you will be asked to choose your business type.  This can be changed later, so don’t spend too much time on this!

Pinterest Business Account | Business Types
From the drop down menu, choose the most relevant business type.
 Verify Your Website: 

After converting your account you will be asked if you want to Verify it.  This is a process that is worth completing for the reasons outlined above.  You can choose one of two methods:

Verifying Your Business Pinterest Account
The 1st Option is to upload some simple HTML Code to your Web Server….

The above image shows that my verification has been approved. In reality this was an easy step because I had my IT guy do it…but he did assure me that this is an easy step for any relatively tech savvy person.  The alternative is to add a meta tag from Pinterest to your website.  This involves adding the meta tag to your header.php file.

Being a person that would rather write content than deal with anything techy, I got someone else to do it.  But if you are good at getting your way around your wordpress site, then go for it!  Regardless, Pinterest makes it easy for you to use either version, easily flicking between choices.  Once you have the HTML uploaded or the Meta Tag added, all you have to do is click next/confirm and Pinterest will verify your website.  This is a very quick process (almost immediate in my case).  When verified your website will appear as a clear hyperlink as follows:

The Tick of Approval for Verification on Pinterest
Once verified, your website will appear as a hyperlink with the “Tick of Approval”.

That’s it!  Easy….. Happy Pinning.

Oh, and Just One Last Prediction

Just one last prediction.  I can see Pinterest going the same way of Facebook and Twitter whereby it will be possible to manage multiple business accounts. Just putting it out there (please Pinterest, can you do this soon?).  Why am I so keen to see this happen? Because already we are seeing that Pinterest is a great platform for all of our clients to jump on board. And for most social media teams or even people with multiple businesses, it will be great to be able to switch easily between accounts.  I am constantly thinking “this will be a great pin for xyz client”.  I have said it – I give it 12 months and we will see this new function is included in Pinterest’s Smorgasbord of Options (are you listening Pinterest….I’ll shout you a drink from here if you make my life easier?).

What about you? Are you on Pinterest yet as a brand? Will you make the switch to convert your account?  Has this post inspired you to set up your new Business Account?  Leave your Pinterest Username below so I can follow you!  

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Donna Moritz

Visual Social Media Strategist at Socially Sorted
Donna is the founder of Socially Sorted, winner of Best Business Blog in Australia 2014 and a Top 10 Social Media Blog for Social Media Examiner, 2015-2017. She helps brands leverage the power of visual storytelling and content strategy in their business. Her content has been featured in publications such as Forbes and Entrepreneur Online and she is a contributor to Social Media Examiner. Donna speaks about digital and visual content for the marketing and tourism industries internationally.
  • Julie Geigle

    Thanks for the great tips. I think pinterest is so cool but to be honest am feeling a little overwhelmed with all of the social media marketing. It’s a full time job in and of itself.

  • Thanks Julie! Glad you liked it. I totally get the “overwhelm” thing about Social Media. I am currently putting together an ebook and then a great program ready for release early-mid next year that will have a lot of tips and tricks for managing social media so that it is effective and not a “time suck”. If you are not already on my weekly updates, consider joining as I also include regular tips for that, and the more feedback I get about it being an issue, the more I will focus on it!

  • Made creating a new business account a breeze! Thank you! My business name is Hoylman Photography if you want to follow… 🙂

    • Hey Jared! I am glad to hear that it made it easy for you. And yes, I will definitely find you on Pinterest. Thanks for the feedback and happy pinning!

  • Thanks for your insights and inspiration, Donna! I just converted my page to a business account. SO EASY! And how wonderful to have a link to my website on the main page, right below my name. I created a pin for the conversion:

    • Awesome Robbie! Yes it is pretty simple, and nice to have such easy guidelines and references to work with. Pinterest continues to win me over for being “easy”. Have a lovely Christmas!

  • A.K.

    Is there a way to have multiple users manage a single Pinterest account?
    I.e. I want to hire someone to assist, but I don’t want to give them the main username & password. Twitter lets me assign an “Ad Manager”, Facebook lets me “Add People” and set roles & permissions… but I don’t see a way to do that through the Pinterest Business control panel. What am I missing?

    • Stacey

      A.K. I’ve been Googling the same thing for the past 10 mins. Were you ever able to get your questions answered? Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks!

      • Hi guys – this is a really old post (3 years old) and I am not sure that you can to be honest – I think the best way is to use a tool like Tailwind and that allows multiple users.