The Facebook Group Tools You Didn't Know Existed

I love Facebook Groups.  I participate in a few, and I have started a few of my own.  The benefits of using Facebook Groups for a whole bunch of reasons can be found here, as I have posted about my enthusiasm for groups before.  Today I want to share with you two tools that are there for you to use within Facebook Groups but you may not know about them!  

Facebook Group Tools | Facebook | Socially Sorted

Ok, so you may have heard of these tools, or you may not have, but in my experience, many clients, colleagues and small business owners have not accessed or used these tricky little functions yet.  And they will make your life a whole lot easier – especially if you are a group “admin”.  One of the tools is brand new, one has been around for a while and you may have missed it.  Both are easy to access and use. 

Tool #1 – The Search Button

Ever been in a group and seen a great post, link or comment and you think “I must come back to that” but then you lose the comment in the group posts when you come back to it?  Or perhaps you have been looking for your own comment in the group but can’t find it in all the posts?  Now you can!

This great little tip was shared by social media consultant, Natalie Alaimo in a group that I was in, so I must give her credit for highlighting this.  Fortunately, later, when looking for her comment, all I had to do was use the very tool I am about to show you in order to find it!  Here it is:  the Search Button!  

Go to your favourite group. Let’s use one of my favourite groups as an example:

Facebook Group | Tools | Socially Sorted Tribe

 Take a look at the image above.  See the little red circle? That’s it. The search function.  Here is what this great little tool can do:

  1. You can search on the name of a Group member.  All of their posts will come up. Brilliant!  Especially if, like me, you often see a post and want to return to it but then forget what it was or you can’t find it.  I often see a post in my blogging group that I want to come back to and comment on the blog….I find this really helps, as well as the following:
  2. You can search on any word.  So, if you want to find all the posts that mention a particular topic, you can just type it in!   Here is an example of a search on LinkedIn from the group above.  We have been discussing LinkedIn Strategy lately, and a whole bunch of comments containing the word LinkedIn comes up on search.  Like?
Facebook Group | Tools | Socially Sorted
A simple search on a word or short phrase will bring up all of the posts and comments                        containing the target word/s in date order.
Tool #2 – The Pinned Post

This tool I love! And it is a new one, just released by Facebook on to Group Pages.  It is especially great for group admins like me. The reason?  We can now “pin” a specific post to the top of the feed, so it is the first thing that shows up.  I get seasick from all the jumping around of posts. so I just love it! This is why:

  1. In a group, the last “post” that has had any activity sits at the top of the group “newsfeed”. This means that if someone posts a post it will go to the top.
  2. If someone comments on a separate post, that post will jump to the top. And so on. In a larger group this means that the posts move thick and fast, and new posts are intertwined with old posts.
By introducing Pinned Posts in groups, Facebook have solved the problem of how to keep the important information “up front and centre”.  Just like the pinned post on Business Pages, this is how it works:
  • Simply choose the drop down (right hand side at the top of the post) and click on Pin Post.
Facebook Group | Tools | Socially Sorted | Pinned Posts
  •  The pinned post will pin to the top of the group page – fixed in position regardless of who posts afterwards.  Here is one from my Socially Sorted Group:
Facebook Group | Tools | Pinned Image | Socially Sorted
Pin news, important updates, group guidelines, tasks/activities or anything that is important for your group members to see – at the top of the group newsfeed!
  • You can pin more than one post! Just bear in mind that the most recent pinned post will go to the top.  You can change them around by unpinning and repinning.  I would recommend only having two at the most (preferably just one) so that you have one post that is highlighted for the group, and the rest is based on the most recent activity as per usual.
  • Pinned posts show up as a link on your mobile, not an image.  Not a huge problem, as you can see that there is a pinned post there, so just get into the habit of checking them at the top of the feed as follows:
Facebook Group Tools | Socially Sorted | iPhone screenshot
On my iPhone I can see that there is a Pinned Post at the top of the group feed.                 Get into the habit of checking for these as they are likely to be important. You just need to click on the link to view it!
There you go!  Two tools that you (maybe) didn’t know existed!
If you have discovered these tools, what do you think of them? If you haven’t do you think they will come in handy?  I would love you to leave a comment below about your experience with groups and whether you think you will use these handy tips!  


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Donna Moritz

Visual Social Media Strategist at Socially Sorted
Donna is the founder of Socially Sorted, a Top 10 Social Media Blog Winner in 2015 & 2016, and winner of the 2014 Best Australian Blogs Competition (Business Category). Donna helps businesses, bloggers and entrepreneurs use visual social media and content strategy to get more traffic, shares and sales in their business. She is a contributor to Entrepreneur Online and Social Media Examiner and has been featured in Forbes, NBC, Yahoo, the Huffington Pos, Entrepreneur and Problogger.
  • Eau-Vive

    Thank you! Glad to be learning new ways to make Facebook more of a tool & less time-consuming… Great easy to follow tips!

  • You are very welcome Eau-Vive. It is so great to know it is helping you out as much as it has helped me. Thanks for the feedback and expect more time-saving tips and tricks!

  • I didn’t know about the pinning option. I have a love/hate relationship with posts being bumped up when a person comments on them.

    • Ha ha yes totally Richelle – I so agree with you – it makes it so hard sometimes to follow the chronological vs popular thread! Thanks for the feedback. Hope pinning helps you ebb on the side of love vs hate!

  • Celena Ross

    there just seems so much to learn about Facebook on a weekly basis! So thanks for this. Little bits of information at a time, are easily absorbed!

    • Thanks Celena – it is great to get the feedback, as I have been finding that posts with one or two easily actionable tasks having been getting great feedback, so I will definitely do more of that (that’s how I like it too!). Have a great weekend!

  • Ooooh….loving that PIN feature on groups! That would have been very useful this week, I must read your posts the moment they are written, I might miss something that will be useful. I’ve just subscribed so I don’t miss anything! Thanks Donna…. xx

    • ha ha ha that’s funny! Glad you can use it now Krishna! My newsletter updates have all the posts for the week (plus usually one extra ninja strategy of some sort) and the other way is RSS. I do love the pinned posts though! I use it a lot in a couple of groups that I am admin for. It’s awesome! And the search function is definitely helpful too….more of the same coming this week (for Pinterst and visual marketing) so stay tuned!

  • Beth Soler

    Great information thank you for sharing. I really like the search feature that I never knew existed.

    • Thanks Beth – it’s great, isn’t it! Have fun with it!

  • I know about these features and I love the search box! I haven’t yet used the pinned post feature, but do like the idea of keeping important info at the top of the page.

    • I agree Leanne – the ability to keep important info at the top of the page is huge for group admins – lots of possibility – have fun with it!

  • Unfortunately pinned posts are now limited to one at a time

  • Waseem Muhammed Khan

    The Amount of SPAM on my page can give anyone the strongest headache. I’ve been on it for the past 3 hours deleting SPAM. This is painful.

  • Isabelle Fay

    Facebook grows worse minute by minute. There was no need to remove the option for sorting posts in a chronological order by date.

    • I agree Isabelle – this post was written a couple of years ago, but I do find it challenging in groups as people who write a post can have their post dropped down immediately as soon as people comment on other posts, which are then moved to the top. Chronological is better in many ways.

  • Geraldine M

    when i try to change the group photo using group photos previously posted i only get an option to use the last couple of photos and i really want to use some of the older photos posted. I use to be able to do it but this option seems to have changed any ideas ??

  • ? Tools. I need to know how to sort group posts by date because it’s driving me crazy. Now THAT would be a tool I could use.

  • Wanda

    The search tool/button for my groups doesn’t seem to be working now since Nov. 13th. I can’t even enter my name/get my own post in groups to show up, or it says No Results on some members names I’ve entered.I have to go to All Members & search it there to make sure the person is still a member,anyone else noticed it or have a fix they know about as I’ve found none?

  • Marcus

    Hi is there a way to post to multiple groups at the same time? As it’s a pain shareing one by one. Thank you

    • Yes a lot of tools allow it but personally I don’t do that as it can go wrong – like for instance this morning we had someone multiple post into my open group and it was a webinar promotion and we don’t allow promotional posts – my assistant would have deleted it but and potentially banned the user because of the type of post but I recognised it was one of our usual contributors and it may have been a group post – and it was. Just be wary of posting the same thing out at once. If it is to sell something or some sort of affiliate link it can backfire. But if it is content, then yes it is possible and not such a bad idea, though I would still recommend choosing a tool that allows you to schedule the posts so they go out at different times.

  • @VeganFreeze

    Can you schedule the beginning of a comment yet?

  • Christy Buchman

    Donna – Is there any way to clean up posts to a group made over xx days ago? There are hundreds of posts and we’d like to remove the old ones without have to go through the infinite scroll. Thank you!

    • Hi Christy – as far as I know you would have to do it manually – just not sure why you would want to delete old posts if they are not spam or inappropriate? Unless you are wanting to change the focus of the group but if that’s the case I would just start posting a lot of new content – the old content will move on down the feed pretty quickly.

      • Christy Buchman

        Sorry, Donna! I should have explained. The group is actually a sellers group where individuals can post items for sale. Unfortunately, after the item has sold, the sellers don’t always go back and remove the item that is no longer available. It takes quite some time to manually go in and remove the sold and no longer listed items. Just thought there might be some ninja trick I didn’t know of. Thank you so much for your response!

  • Those are two good tools. Does anyone have any outside tools?

  • SS

    Is there a way that I can gather all my group posts in a certain area (groups, interest, folder…etc) and take them off my timeline?

  • Thanks for the information and together,we shall do more