• I have recently come to a very similar conclusion Donna! Great post.

    • Oh great – I know I am on track if you agree Nicole! I could have probably said it with just this: create great content, pimp up your site, love your email list.. but that wouldn’t have been as much fun! haha.

      • Great post but I love this short quote.. totally tweetable!

  • Totally agree! I think that if do it right people will like to interact with you all over the web, but they will know that your website is your main hub. So if they need to learn more about you they won’t go to Twitter they will come to the website!

    • True Blake – people come to your website one way or another, then they settle into a groove on the platform they are most comfortable with on social media, or email or RSS or a platform like Feedly. There are so many ways!

      • For sure, you really have to have great systems in place to keep track of everything!

  • Thanks for the inclusion Donna…Sonia Simone from Copyblogger may have said that exact quote before I did, but we’ve both been talking about it for years. So critical. Thanks for spreading the word!

    • Ahhhh – good to know Joe – both Kim Garst and I were sharing it after SMMW – and the best part is you just sent me into a blog vortex reading Sonia’s stuff. I had read a couple of her posts before but I hadn’t seen this one: http://www.copyblogger.com/content-marketing-checklist/ – brilliant. I will definitely add Sonia to this post – and yes, even if you are saying the same thing in different ways, the concept is one that is absolutely critical and beyond just a quote – it needs to be hanging on the wall of every business owner!

  • Krishna

    I feel like swearing when I read your posts, it’s like “F#@k I love you!!!”

    • ha ha ha that’s hilarious.. I didn’t love me when I realised that it was going from a quick short post to another long one though.. ha ha. Oh well, at least my husband is glad that I use up some of my female words for the day!

  • Jeanne Treloar

    Bloody awesome Donna, and soooo true. I’m guilty of neglecting my website and my list and spending far too much time on facebook. Thanks for the kick in the pants!

    • You are welcome Jeanne – and I wrote this to kick myself in the pants too! ha ha

  • Nikki @ Wonderfully Women

    Yes, yes, yes, less Facebook more practical stuff!! 🙂

  • Carmen Allan-Petale

    Certainly agree. Your blog / website should be where the action happens!

    • thanks Carmen – once you get that bit worked out it’s much easier to not stress as much about being everywhere on social ha ha.

  • Hi Donna,

    Well said! Own your real estate, and then, live on it and use social as a secondary tool. Our blogs and websites are golden, and they’re home base too.


    • Thanks Ryan – I love that – own your own real estate and then live on it! Brilliant! That’s a quote right there (stay tuned, I think that one might be made into a graphic my friend!).

  • Sure Leisa – as long as it is not copied verbatim (Google doesn’t like that so much) and referenced, I am happy for you to share it – even better, link to mine and give your own take on it on your post to make it relevant to event styling, which is your thing! Nice blog, by the way!

  • katesurfs

    I love this post!!! Thank you! My husband has been telling me to stop wasting so much time getting annoyed with facebook (which is not blog friendly because they only like to circulate from sites that they have affiliates with, like Huffington Post). Getting back to my blog and spending more time on it than I would on any other social media is the best advice, thank you!!

    • Thanks Kate – so glad you found it useful! I love Facebook and it has its place but it is not my real estate and my blog is… and everything great about my business started with my blog. It’s good to get back to basics!

  • David Graham

    Great advice. In an article I published this week on LinkedIn I discussed the merits of email. Tainted because of spam, email is owned by you. If people subscribe you own the contact details (with their permission of course) and the nature, format and frequency of communication. This also goes for your company blog and your website. Social platforms are important to engage and interact and to drive people to your “intimate” owned channels, where you can nurture them

    • Thanks David – glad you liked it. I totally agree about email!