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Is Your Gmail Social? How to Use Gmail Daily to Build an Engaged Community

If you use Gmail then here is a strategy I use daily to quickly and easily build an engaged community of people who want to read and share my content.   Intrigued? It involves a simple program called Rapportive. It’s easy to integrate with Gmail and it is a major part ofContinue Reading

Easy Ways to Create Original Images for Visual Marketing [PicMonkey]

I love visual marketing and I love using original, visual images on Facebook, Pinterest, and my Blog.  I often get asked how to make original images without being a professional photographer, graphic designer or photoshop whizz. Today I am starting a series of posts focused onContinue ReadingContinue Reading

When Feeddler Met Buffer – A Match Made in Social Media App Heaven

  STOP THE SOCIAL MEDIA PRESSES.  Buffer and Feeddler are an item.  I couldn’t have dreamed up a more suitable couple to help me streamline my social media posting.  When I heard that they had hooked up, I did a happy dance.  In fact I was so happy that I ditchedContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Beyond Instagram: How To Use Multiple Apps To Get The Photo Effect You Want

GUEST POST by ANGELA HEMMING I shoot photos for my blog with a “real camera,” but sometimes all I have with me is my iPhone. And, to be honest, sometimes people can’t even tell the difference. Heck, even professional photographers are starting to shoot weddings usingContinue ReadingContinue Reading

5 Tools to Streamline Your Business, Go Paperless and Work Remotely

Are you drowning in paperwork?   Can’t find your notes?  Sick of lugging your laptop around? Overwhelmed by keeping up with social media?   If this is you, and you love the “idea” of being organised, going paperless,  travelling “light” and beingContinue ReadingContinue Reading

7 Top Pinterest Tools for Business – Part 2

With the rise and rise of Pinterest over the past few months, we have another round of Pinterest Tools to share with you. Continue Reading

How to Skyrocket Your Tweets Using Buffer App

If I was to share one tool that has supercharged my efficiency when tweeting content to Twitter, it would be Buffer App.  Hands down this tool has saved me hours of time when planning my social media posts.    So what is Buffer and how does it work?   The Buffer Team describeContinue ReadingContinue Reading

7 Top Pinterest Tools for Business

Pinterest is now the 3rd Most Popular Social Media Site in the World. And with that comes huge potential for businesses who are using this engaging visual platform more and more as part of their overall marketing strategy.  And also with that comes the “Tools” toContinue ReadingContinue Reading