Strategies, Tips and Updates about Google Plus

Hot Tips for Creating the Perfect Social Media Post [Infographic]

Not sure where to start when creating Social Media Posts? Confused between Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter?   What to post, how to post it, and on which platform can be overwhelming for anyone, now matter how experienced they are with social media. Here is anContinue Reading

Is Your Gmail Social? How to Use Gmail Daily to Build an Engaged Community

If you use Gmail then here is a strategy I use daily to quickly and easily build an engaged community of people who want to read and share my content.   Intrigued? It involves a simple program called Rapportive. It’s easy to integrate with Gmail and it is a major part ofContinue Reading

3 Social Media Actions You are Missing (and How 3 Clicks Can Fix It)

You may be missing valuable opportunities for engagement on social media, without even realising it. I have talked about the importance of “clicking through” before.  Don’t just blindly post on Social Media – get to know who the people are behind theContinue Reading

Are You Sharing Article Links to Google Plus? It’s Time to Stop It

Do you merely link your article to Google Plus every time you write a blog post?  If so, you are missing a BIG opportunity to showcase your article.  Why? Because images attached to links on Google Plus are small. They are not showcased. They are lost in a stream of greatContinue Reading

The Ultimate Social Media Image Guide [Infographic of the Week]

This week we feature the Ultimate in Social Media Image Guide – the “Social Media Design Blueprint” from the folks over at Tent Social.   It’s not just a guide for Facebook. Or Twitter.  It’s about ALL the social media platforms.  YouTube.Continue ReadingContinue Reading

Social Media Marketing World 2013 – Top Tweets Day 2 #smmw13

Day 2 of Social Media Marketing World and the Twitterfeed was yet again filled with tweetables from dozens of thought leaders in Social Media! This Post (Part 2 – you can check out Part 1 here) features another 27 amazing sessions on topics ranging from everything fromContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Social Media Marketing World 2013 – Top Tweets Day 1 #smmw13

Social Media Marketing World (Social Media Examiner‘s inaugural event) launched in style on Day 1, as 24 Awesome sessions showcased some of the world’s best social media thought leaders and a passionate group of 1100 attendees.   With any great conference comes aContinue ReadingContinue Reading

4 Simple Reasons Why I am Liking Google Plus

So, have you hit the +1 button yet? Accepted your invite to Google Plus?  Started making circles, hanging out and checking what this “sparks” business is all about?  I finally jumped in and started to play and so far, I “like”.  Let me tell you why.Continue ReadingContinue Reading