Visual Social Media

Examples of Visual Marketing in Social Media – when Visual Marketing is integrated in Social Media Marekting, the results are exceptional.

3 Mobile Apps that Put Visual Content Creation in Your Pocket

3 Mobile Apps that Put Visual Content Creation in Your Pocket

Content Creation has changed. Everyone is a potential content creator – with a smartphone in their pocket. Especially Visual Content.  These 3 Mobile Apps give you the ability to create killer visual content – by producing awesome images, in real-time, on-the-go.Continue Reading



I love a great presentation. I am a TED Talk addict and I can get lost in great slides.  So it’s no surprise that I love SlideShare. A great Slideshare Presentation is one that you simply can’t stop clicking through. One you can’t miss and see through to theContinue Reading

How to Use Snackable Visual Content on Your Blog

It has become harder than ever to get your content seen and shared on social media. Newsfeeds are moving fast. Content is being produced at an ever increasing rate and users can control what they choose to read.   But there is a way to cut through the noise and drive engagementContinue Reading

5 Ways to Visually Enhance Your LinkedIn Profile using Professional Portfolio

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network.  With 225 million+ members it is the perfect platform for managing your professional identity, building your professional network and engaging with connections.  But it’s time to give your profile a Makeover.  AContinue Reading

Instagram for Business – 4 Words You Need to Know

Instagram just announced that they have 150 million monthly active users. That’s a big jump from 100 million users in February.   As this juggernaut of a social platform goes from strength, it’s time to look at what Instagram is, what it can do for your business andContinue Reading

3 Ways to Use Social Media to Get Inside the Head of Your Ideal Client

Using Social Media comes with one caveat – you need to have a plan. And one way to have a plan is to target everything you do towards an Ideal Client or Ideal Client Avatar.   This post looks at 3 simple ways you can use Social Media to find out more about your idealContinue Reading