• Thank you so much for sharing Donna! I wondered how to create customized captivating visuals, but thanks to you I now know where to go to do this! Thanks again 🙂

    • Awesome Diana! That’s great to hear. Glad you found it useful and have fun playing with the tips and tricks!

    • Thanks Donna and Diana, too. I myself is thinking on how to do better visuals and there you have the list of tips and stuffs. This is worth bookmarking and gonna do this, sooner.
      Thanks again!

  • I have a huge desire to create better images quicker, yet don’t feel like I have the time to transform that desire into action. Going to Canva Designer school this weekend; thanks for the nodge, Donna!

    • AWESOME Ana…. the Design School is seriously cool and even if you do just one you go “just one more” haha. It’s gamification at its best. If you use even one or two of these strategies and then do some of their hands on tutorials you will get some cool tricks to put up your sleeve!

  • Wow, Donna! This is such a rich post! I am sharing to my peeps:)

  • Nathalie

    So, Donna, I know PicMonkey and Canva inside out but have NEVER used WordSwag. Will put this on my list right away Thank you!

    • haha you will LOVE it! It’s very addictive and super fun to use!