• What an awesome list, Donna! I can’t wait to try these out 🙂 I’ve been experimenting with Snapchat’s story and I’m really getting hooked on quick, mobile video content.

    • Ooh good reminder about Snapchat story – would love to chat to you about what you think. I agree, quick mobile video content is the new black – it has a lot of potential and I think we will see brands doing some really creative things with it!

      • (Bows head in shame) I realize I’m like 4 months late with my response. Yes, I’d love to chat about this 🙂

  • My favourite tool (at the moment) is Flixel to create “cinemagraphs” – where a combo of a still and video are used with some fabulous results. I’ve also been playing with Videohance and I love Wordswag too.

    • I love them too – not quite photos, not quite video – somewhere in between! haha

  • Ady

    There’s also Magisto. A great tool to create short clip from videos and pictures you already have on your mobile library.
    It automatically decides by itself what to use and how (you can tweak it later), adds some effects and the result is usually fun short unboaring clip.

  • Great post.i have also used the Videohance.

    • Thanks – glad you enjoying playing with the tools!

  • Hi Donna! I’ve just started using video marketing and to my amazement, given that I’m a bit of an introvert, I’m really loving it. Have you taken a look at Flipagram? Create static images, link them all together and add music! I find it particularly useful if producing a visual “How To” guide.

    • Glad you love it – yes I have written about Flipagram a few times and we have it as one of the tools in my program – love it – it’s simple to use and fun for sure! Enjoy playing with it!

      • I have now ended an experiment using an internet presence on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Google + (plus a few now disappeared networks), and can say that all those networks stole the titles of my products and posts and got higher rankings in Google, and after removing the content to an extent and a 3 month period of no longer sharing/creating content on those networks, my google rankings are higher, and sales have doubled. Also i save time not posting to those networks. The point is, someone clicking to my product in pinterest is kless likely to click it again and go to my website from there, and more likely to become lost in other Pinterests pics.. whereas a clickthrough to my website from google direct, is more likely to get the cutomer to checkout than a click from pinterest. I except Facebook because i have found ways to use that to get clickthroughs, and it generates 20% of my monthly sales

  • Filmic Pro is an excellent video camera app for those wishing to produce more professional content available on iOS