5 Fun Short Video Tools to Help You Jump In to Video Content Creation

Video is huge. It dominates every platform on every newsfeed.  But how can you jump in and start creating video?

For those of us that are not tech savvy or perhaps a little camera shy, video can be daunting.  

In this post, I share 5 fun tools that allow you to quickly and easily create “short video” in order to dip your toe in the water and experience the power of video.

5 Fun Short Video Tools to Help You Jump In to Video Content Creation
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There’s no discounting the fact that YouTube is still massive, but more and more we are seeing the power of native video on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin.

What’s native video? It’s video that’s uploaded directly to the newsfeed of the platform you are on.  On Facebook this is particularly important as native video is attracting huge reach compared to videos linked to from YouTube.  And more and more video is being uploaded than ever before.

The ability for businesses to be able to use short video tools to create video content quickly and easily has become more important now that video has become a huge part of content on Facebook.  And it’s not just Facebook – 60 second videos on Instagram catch attention and video shows natively in the newsfeed of Twitter – again catching attention in the Twitterfeed.

And it’s not just Facebook – 60 second videos on Instagram catch attention and video shows natively in the newsfeed of Twitter – again catching attention in the Twitterfeed.

And what about Pinterest and LinkedIn – both showcase video in the newsfeed. Video is prominently displayed on every social platform now.

So what if you are not keen on being on camera? Not confident with video? Not tech savvy? Well, there’s good news. And it all lies with Short Video Tools. The mobile apps available now make it possible for you to create video, even if it’s something that you have never considered before.


Here are 5 tools you can use now to Jump in and start creating short (and super short) video content right now:  


5 Quick and Easy Short Video Tools for Video Content Creation


#1  Legend App

I think of Legend App as my “bridging” tool between images and video. It helps you to create super short video without needing much creativity (or being in front of the camera). I wrote about it here.

So, what is it? Legend simply animates your images or videos with text overlays. Here’s an example of an image that was created using Legend:

As you can see above – you can add videos as well as text. Or here’s a simple text based animated image:

We’re really happy of the success of Legend Android! Today we’re publishing a new exciting update! Don’t miss it! MORE TEXT, FASTER LEGENDS ▸ Write text up to 100 characters (up from 70) ▸ Legends pop up 10x faster! ▸ Photo backgrounds show up 2x faster! PREMIUM FEATURES UPDATE ▸ Saving Legends as MP4 videos is now free! ▸ Legend now comes with 5 free Styles & 13 Premium Styles. ▸ Unlock all Premium Styles forever in a single purchase. If you purchased ‘Saving as videos’ before, you own all the Premium Styles – and all things Legend. #hypethetype #legend #iphone #app #inspire #instalove #word #text #message #legendary #animation #typography #color #design #amazing #discover #quote #quoteoftheday #vine #photo #video #FollowMe #Android #success #update #awesome #happy #yeah   A video posted by Legend App (iOS) (@legendapp) on

That should keep the Android users happy too – yes Legend is available on both Android and iOS! Legend animations are saved to your Jump on and play with it today to start getting creative with video.

HOT TIP:  Multiple Legend Animation videos can be looped together into a longer video using iMovie or a similar video editing program – go for it!

#2  Boomerang

This new fun app from Instagram is available on iOS and Android.

It allows users to do more than just post simple images to Instagram and could be a fun way to start playing with video without all the pressure of editing, lighting and audio.

Check out this video from Boomerang:

Introducing Boomerang from Instagram from Instagram on Vimeo.

Boomerang is just a bit of fun, but sometimes a bit of fun is what you need to break up the insta-feed and to catch people’s attention, right – like my friend, Sue B Zimmerman:



#3  Flipagram

Flipagram has been around for a while but you can’t go past it for posting something that is different to the normal. Basically Flipagram takes a series of photos (or short video snippets which makes it even cooler!) and converts them into a time-lapse style video, that you can then share on any social platform.     Here’s an example of what you can do with this if you are a food blogger, cafe or restaurant:

Or maybe you can do an unboxing of a product … or create a mini star wars movie!

A video posted by Flipagram™ (@flipagram) on


and if you are an illustrator or artist (or even if you are not!) then the possibilities for creating something really cool are endless…

A video posted by Flipagram™ (@flipagram) on


#4  PicPlayPost

PicPlayPost has been a favourite of mine for a while now – it allows you to combine both still shots at the same time.

Melissa McAllister (Melissa Made on Instagram) uses this video app to great effect on her Instagram account, creating workout videos that not only show you what to do but she explains each exercise or additional information about it straight to camera:

It’s personal, engaging and fun!  Think creatively – how could you use this app to create awesome video and image compilations?

If you are musician you can lay down multiple tracks of video, or perhaps you have something in your business that you can teach with a mix of video an images.

PicPlayPost is on iTunes and Android.

#5  ReverseVid

I love love love this little app.  I recently played with ReverseVid at a workshop we conducted for local tourism businesses. It allows you to easily create a fun video by “reversing” the footage.

Fun? Yes. Gimmicky? Yes. But if you think laterally you can use it to create so much great content.

Here’s a fun video created by Krisha Everson from Krisha Everson Marketing at the workshop (click the video to see the post): 

5 Fun Short Video Tools to Help You Jump In to Video Content Creation

And the bonus is that you get to “play” with short video!

HOT TIP:  You can find some other free functionality if you have a recent model iPhone – such as slow motion (slowing down the footage that you take on your phone) and timelapse (speeding up the video footage) – so many options for creating engaging short video that catches attention!


Over to You

Are you needing a little nudge to jump in and play with short video?  

If you have used any of these tools below, share what worked? – or if you are jumping in for the first time, which one will you start with?

Leave a comment below (and a link to your creation if you make a short video!).

5 Fun Short Video Tools to Help You Jump In to Video Content Creation
Image by Shutterstock – Pin it for later!
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Donna Moritz

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  • surprisinglives

    Hi Donna, Thanks for sharing so many great resources for videos. I must admit that the thought of making my own videos terrifies me! Obviously something I need to work on. I do have a question: In regards to placing any visual media in a post I have always put it near the top whenever possible to grab attention. However, now with Google’s new guidelines requiring us to specifically have a detailed introduction about the information covered in the post that isn’t quite as easy. What do you suggest?

    • Thanks and I am glad you found the post useful – in terms of Google, I presume you are talking about blog posts – I always add a short intro at the top of my post (you can see it above) and then add the image and then set the featured image, image that will be pulled in by Facebook etc – I use Yoast SEO Plugin for adding another description to the post that will be the one that is chosen – I am not aware of anything changing majorly but then again I tend to focus on content and not too much on trying to move everything around everytime there is an update. I’m not your girl for Google specific advice, sorry! My blog has done pretty well out of just focusing on providing great content and keeping aware of a few key things you should do, but as far as images go, I don’t see the harm in having a short intro at the top of your post – it’s still content. Hope that helps (sorry if it doesn’t, I am by no means a Google expert!).

      • surprisinglives

        Please excuse my belated Thanks for your response. Yes I am referring to blog posts, sorry for not clarifying. I agree with you in regards to post layout and that is also how I have been doing it. I am far from a Google expert myself so I guess we’ll just go with the old saying “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” LOL

  • Tova Langhans

    Hi Donna,

    I just signed up for your blog and boy you don’t disappoint. Great content, thank you!

    I recently had a friend shoot some footage at a retail show capturing feedback from people who used my liquid soap in the washroom. Unfortunately she shot the footage sideways! Do you know if there’s an app that allows you to turn it?

    • Hey Tova – thanks for your kind words – great to hear you love the blog. Hmmm re the landscape vs portrait thing, I have to be honest I have never had any videos that i had to switch (although I often use the wrong orientation… it has become even more confusing with periscope and portrait video). I am sure there are tools and apps somewhere but I just don’t know what to recommend. If I find out I will let you know but I would start with any of the video editing tools you use and email their customer service as they will know… sorry I can’t be more help!

  • Luca Wynter

    Right on Donna! I am currently using VivaVideo and Addmusic app. This will also help a lot when adding background music for your short vids + without the watermark. I tried Boomerang and it didn’t disappoint. I love your articles! You can also try Video Merger for ios to combine your vids. Thanks Heaps!

    • Cheers Luca glad you liked it – I will check them out. Video merger sounds interesting!

  • I finally got around to creating a new video… a couple of months ago! So 2 or 3 in a year is better than before. I’ll do another one soon 🙂 The clever phones make it easier but I didn’t think of creating gifs or slideshows from my photos. Great idea! I’ve got so many photos from creating art to turn into blog posts that a slideshow would certainly bling it up a bit! Flipagram looks pretty groovy! Thank you 🙂

    • yes definitely do it for your art and especially show the process.. people love to see how you create!