• Another brilliant post Donna. I love the research and effort you put in to find really great examples. Thank you!

    • Thanks Fiona – it was lots of fun finding great example for this one – I am a big fan of Instagram Video and think there is soooo much potential for it!

  • Great post and resource Donna!! I’m sharing and will see you in a few weeks!

    • Thanks Mike and thanks for sharing! I love instagram – if you get creative with it, there are so many cool things you can do. Looking forward to seeing you in March! Can’t wait for #SWWM14!

  • Instagram Videographer

    Great opportunities for videographers. From restaurants to real estate… it’s Amazing!!! View my new Instagram biz @15secondvideoproduction

    • Awesome idea guys – I love a good niche! I am sure you will do well!

  • Great tips Donna. We’re attempting to do more instavideos at the moment. To be honest right now we’re not raving fans of instagram. We’re trying to get our enthusiasm for it. Many of our followers are US based so the challenge for us is most people don’t see our photos as we’re asleep when they’re awake. 🙂 We might grow more of an enthusiasm for it, but Pinterest rocks our boat a little more so our focus is there!!

    But, you;ve inspired me once again

    • Ah good point – the time zones are a bit of an issue (early morning here I find is the best time to match the States but even then they have so many time zones it is a bit hit and miss)….and we need our sleep! However, video in general is a great medium for your content so at least you can post your youtube videos to Pinterest. I still am surprised at how many people don’t post videos to Pinterest! I have no doubt that Pinterest will be continuing to rock your content boat for a long time yet!… but if you ever get any time on your hands (ha ha) I agree, Instavideo would be fun.

  • Great article Donna. Do you think Instagram videos will kill Vine, or there is room for both platforms?

    • Thanks Antonio – hard to say – I wrote an article about Vine and the potential for short videos when it came out, and then not much later Instagram Video was announced and my initial reaction was “oh, there goes vine” but I guess we shall see…. it definitely is easier for Instagram having an established platform…

      • LOL: same happened to me. My post about Vine was my most popular (Mari Smith gave it some promotion) and a few days later Instagram Videos arrived… oh well, time will tell 🙂

  • Paul Fleming

    Excellent highlight of brands getting it right. Same goes for personal users – my followers love watching and feeling part of the videos I share, especially my slow motion captures and time lapses. All shot and edited on an iPhone. I’m @LoveThyWalrus on IG

    • Hey Paul – just followed and now I realise I have heard about your images before – you are a brilliant iphoneographer! Just beautiful. Great to connect with a fellow Aussie… Are all of your photos on the iphone5 or do you use a DSLR as well? I will definitely feature your slow motion capture/time lapses on a future post – just awesome! Can you recommend any posts (maybe your own) where people can learn how to do that on an iphone?

      • Paul Fleming

        Oops, totally missed your reply! Sorry!

        About 90% of my shots are iPhone. I have a Nikon D5100 that I blow the dust off occasionally for night shots, or daytime depending on what the client needs (images for their use etc).

        As for video, I’d be happy to share some tips. I know it’s four months late, but if you want to shoot me an email we can go from there lovethywalrus@gmail.com

        • Hey Paul – no problems, I will, but let’s catch up at SoMeT too.. I am going to miss the walk (thanks virgin for making my plane late… ugh) but will be there from the Tuesday night (late) onwards! I will chat to you by email – and thanks for the reply…

    • PS I love Canada (and Tasmania) so I am going to get caught in a vortex on your Instagram account sometime today, just sayin’.