5 Blogging Tips from the Pros to help Your Blog Take Off

Have you started a blog or thinking about starting one? Not sure how to get more readers, build community and grow your blog?  Here are 5 Blogging Tips from 5 Blogging Pros to help your blog take off.

5 Blogging tips from the Pros to Help Your Blog Take Off
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Recently, I wrote about my experience winning the Best Business Blog in Australia and shared 11 tattoo-worthy blogging tips for helping to grow your own blog (tips from 11 savvy bloggers who had mentored me in some way, and who had shaped the growth of Socially Sorted). I asked a handful of those bloggers if they would share their Number 1 tip for new bloggers and (if you already have a blog), helping it to take off.

Here are 5 tips you can easily implement, straight from 5 of my favourite people. Listen to them. They know what they are talking about and all of them have a track record for sharing their best tips, so you are getting the insider knowledge right here:


5 Blogging Tips from the Pros

#1  Amy Porterfield

Amy is one of the world’s leading Facebook Experts at AmyPorterfield.com, the co-Author of Facebook Marketing All-in-One for Dummies and a great friend and mentor.  When Amy recommends something it is always her best advice (no holding back) and it is advice developed through experience. Here is what she said:
Since blogging consistency helps to create a loyal audience, “batching” is one of the best ways to ensure you are constantly creating new content.  Schedule the time in advance and work on writing multiple blog posts during one writing session – that way you won’t feel that you are constantly hustling to get your next post up! – Amy Porterfield 

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Amy Porterfield - 5 Blogging Tips from the Pros

#2  Melonie Dodaro

Melonie is Canada’s Number 1 LinkedIn Expert, the founder of Top Dog Social Media and author of the new Amazon Bestselling book The LinkedIn Code.  Melonie is one of the most consistent bloggers I know and she consistently produces great content (really helpful content) week in and week out. Listen to her:
The #1 tip I would give to new and even seasoned bloggers is only blog as often as you can create great, quality content. It’s better to blog less frequently and create a stellar piece of content. People really enjoy in depth “how to” blogs so make sure when you are writing that you leave the readers with some tangible things they can use and implement immediately – Melonie Dodaro 
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Melonie Dodaro - 5 Blogging Tips from the Pros

#3  Rebecca Livermore

Rebecca is an accomplished podcaster and blogger at Professional Content Creation.  She is a super savvy content creator. In fact she is sought after by the world’s top social media and marketing experts to help them craft content across a range of platforms, and she does it very well.  Rebecca gave this wise piece of advice about creating content:
The most vital thing any blogger can do is PUBLISH. Don’t let learning take the place of doing, and don’t worry about being perfect! – Rebecca Livermore
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Rebecca Livermore - 5 Blogging Tips from the Pros

#4 Ian Cleary

Ian Cleary built one of the most successful blogs in the Industry in just 6 months and has been a two time winner of the Top 10 Social Media Blogs by Social Media Examiner with his blog Razor Social. Ian knows how to create quality content and how to get that content shared.  Here is what he had to tell you:

Writing quality content is not enough. You need to build relationships with other bloggers, build a process for blog post promotion and leverage tools and outreach techniques to stand out from your competitors. – Ian Cleary 

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Ian Cleary - 5 Blogging Tips from the Pros

#5  Nikki Parkinson

I left one of my favourites till last.  Nikki Parkinson is the founder of Styling You, the winner of the Best Australian Blog 2011 – and author of “Unlock Your Style”.  I talked about Nikki’s impact on my own blog here, but she has been a long-time proponent of blogging to build community and to build that community organically.  She gives a great reminder for any budding blogger to think of your blog in terms of community and to be willing to invest time to allow it to grow:
Don’t be urgent to make money from your blog. Focus on building your community. Build your community and then the opportunities to earn an income off or because of your blog will happen. – Nikki Parkinson
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Nikki Parkinson - 5 Blogging Tips from the Pros


Now what?  Go and do what you are told (I mean this in the nicest possible way of course!).  These tips have helped to grow my blog and they can help to grow yours too – no matter what niche you are in, whether you are a product-based business, tourism operator, restaurant, health professional or marketer. The principles of blogging remain the same and these tips will work for any industry and for any blog. So, jump to it!
What about you? Do you have a blog? Thinking about starting one?   
Leave a comment below to tell us what you will change up on your blog after reading these tips!  
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Donna Moritz

Visual Social Media Strategist at Socially Sorted
Donna is the founder of Socially Sorted, winner of Best Business Blog in Australia 2014 and a Top 10 Social Media Blog for Social Media Examiner, 2015-2017. She helps brands leverage the power of visual storytelling and content strategy in their business. Her content has been featured in publications such as Forbes and Entrepreneur Online and she is a contributor to Social Media Examiner. Donna speaks about digital and visual content for the marketing and tourism industries internationally.
  • Melanie Deardorff

    Love the advice here and also the way you formatted your post with pinnable images and quotes from the advice. Looks great! Hope you don’t mind, but I plan to steal — I mean leverage! — that format on a future post, Donna. 🙂

    • Awesome Melanie and of course you can steal it (only if you send me the link so I can check it out ha ha). I love a great visual rich post with lots of shareable/pinnable images. They take work but they are fun to do, for sure!

      • Hello Donna

        Finally my blog is up – weight loss reviews.
        im following your advice to focus on content loading first

  • I agree with Melanie, great info and really nicely designed!

    • Cheers Ian – it’s easy to design a great image when you have a great quote to put on it! Thanks for your input (ps it was a breeze to design those in Canva!).

    • I agree with her, but also with Rebecca. Sometimes great info would require working too much and seek and almost perfect level. We should find a balance between the ‘great info’ and the ‘not perfect, but go for it’.

  • Krishna

    Inspirational as always, thanks Donna!

    • Cheers Krishna – these guys always deliver with great advice, for sure!

  • belindapate

    Great tips Donna. I feel so much better about only publishing when I have great quality content. Personally, I prefer to be on the receiving end of quality rather than quantity, so this was great confirmation. Thank you!

    • Thanks Belinda – it’s great to get assurance that you are on the right track – that’s sometimes as great as reading a post about something new!

  • Thanks Donna for this tips and list of pros in terms of blogging. I personally take this list for our social media marketing. Although we are receiving good feedbacks over our techniques, the list is still interesting and inspirational that can be used for further actions.

    Another great idea Donna. Cheers!

  • Ellen Long

    Great tips, thanks.

    • Cheers Ellen – glad you found it useful – all of these bloggers are well worth following!

  • Lyn – A Hole in my Shoe

    Great tips Donna, with so much to learn you put it all in perspective for me here. Thank you.

    • Great Lyn – glad you found it useful. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Brilliant tips Donna; especially Melonie Dodaro’s words on blogging less often if it means creating higher quality content!

    • Awesome Rachel – and yes Melonie is a smart chick!

  • Excellent tips Donna. Funny enough Melonie’s and Rebecca’s opinion kinda contradict each other; but I think is great to have different points of view.

    Totally agree with @iancleary:disqus, why otherwise you guys think I’m ‘stalking’ you all the time on your comment areas? :)))

    Keep up the good job!

  • tobias

    Hi Donna

    really great site for me as always.. im a newbie..barely 2 weeks

    please give me tips how to post large photos on the pages and also colourful and thickish fonts like what you are using


    • Hi Tobias – thanks, glad you have found it useful. I have used http://www.canva.com to create all of these images – it’s a great tool and really easy to use. I have a word press site so uploading images is a matter of clicking “add media file” in my wordpress dashboard and following the prompts. But definitely check out Canva – it’s great!

  • What a great article. I love Amy Porterfield’s idea of batching. I sometimes feel that I’ve put so much effort into an article before I click ‘post’ that I’m not ready to think about the next one.

    • Thanks Julie – yes it is a great idea, and I too feel like I am “done” after writing a blog post, but I often map out a couple more if I am too overwhelmed by doing “whole” ones – and then at least I have a good start for a second batching session. But sometimes I do a whole day of it – it does work but takes a while to get into the mode! It also helps if you batch different types, like I do a guest post and one of mine in one go – that sometimes helps – keeps it fresh lol.

  • Elizabeth Delaney

    What a great blogpost Donna. Thanks so much for all the tips you have compiled. So useful. I have discovered Canva also. It is so easy to use.

    • Oh great – glad you like Canva Elizabeth! Have fun with it! It is very addictive!

  • Liked the point about building up your community first in the knowledge that the method by which you can earn money from it will eventually reveal itself. I suppose that’s because I come from a bit of an arty tradition of doing what you enjoy first and foremost.

    However I can see how this approach wouldn’t suit a lot of people. They are less patient and want to see the money coming in almost immediately. One of the reasons many bloggers give up too soon, I think.

    • Oh great point Matt! That is a very real issue that comes up I think. I started blogging as a supplement to my consulting business mainly because a mentor (who had a successful blog) told me to stop faffing around on Facebook so much and start blogging consistently (and the reasons why I should). Then it took off and basically became the heart of my business and now I don’t do much consulting – funny how things work out. But I can only look at it retrospectively as I definitely didn’t start out blogging to make money from the blog (I knew it was good for establishing authority however and figured it may become monetized at some point but I was still focused on exchanging dollars for hours back then) But I agree with you …many people would not have the patience and you do need to have a longer term view. I don’t know many people that have had a blog go through the roof in a year.Yes I do know one or two of those people but they also worked their butts off writing a few mornings a week before everyone woke up. It all came back to content and community. Thanks for your comments. It does make me sad when bloggers give up and I have been tempted from time to time. Some days you just don’t want to write!

      • Yes it is a pity when blogs peter out and die. There are so many reasons why this can happen, of course. But I think that if it does occur the best policy is to leave the blog up there anyway. (I know this may not always be possible because of cost.)

        As with so many things in life, I think it’s always best to keep your options open. If you do this you may return to a dormant blog months, or even years, hence. You may well see a whole lot of new potential in it and have success on the second attempt.

  • Karen Chang Barr

    I will try batching my blog posts song I don’t have to spend so much time scrambling to create. Thanks Amy and Donna! Much mahalo for the ideas.

  • It’s nice to see the pro’s have the same techniques in creating their blogs as me! Obviously it works for them so hopefully it will work for me. My best advice is to never quit writing, no matter how low your traffic is. If you reach one person a day then you are succesful!

    Thanks for posting. I enjoyed reading this.

    • So sorry I missed this when I was on holidays 2 months agao… glad you liked it and yes I totally agree with you! Great advice!

  • Sandeep Palreddy

    Genrally when we publish articles, they would be displayed in ‘Home’ page.But i dont know how to display the same article in other tab(module) which is relevant to it.

    For example if i write an article about mobiles then how to display that article in ‘Mobiles’ tab(module).Please resolve my problem.

  • Love love love how you made this post especially made quotable images for each influencer!
    You nailed it!

    • Thanks so much Anna – glad you liked it! I love a great pinnable image!

  • Jessica Fancy

    I absolutely love your blog design!

  • Thanks for sharing. This is the post every new blogger needs to go through first. You have thoroughly explained the basics of blogging. Liked it

    • Glad you found it useful Muhammad – these are all tips that helped me for sure!

  • Melissa Roscoe

    I need to print out these pictures.

    Thanks for an informative and useful post!

    • haha that’s great – yes they are mantras worth remembering and wise advice from my blogger friends. Glad you found it useful!

  • Matt Press

    Great tips here, thanks for sharing.