• Hi Donna! Wow – what a post! Thanks for including me and I enjoyed learning from everyone’s tips.

    • You are welcome and thanks for your great tip! I finally bit the bullet and did a SlideShare and had a BALL – the Canva tool is so seamless and fun. and yes so many people gave great tips. Was super hard to pick photography examples though… especially Lauren Bath. They’re all so good haha.

      • I’m totally love Canva and SlideShare too! I’ve been working on it the past few months and it’s great traffic. SlideShare look great on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest as well.

        • Yes totally – and yes it is good traffic and good quality traffic too! I LOVE slideshare on Pinterest – finally people are starting to catch on that they can pin the decks and also share easily to LinkedIn or tweet them!- all fun!

  • Wow – I love this. I’m just writing a social media resource to accompany my panel presentation at the Podcast Movement Conference this weekend and this could not have come at a better time! I am speaking about promoting a podcast through social media and will link to this post. Thank you!!

    • Awesome Heather – that conference sounds great. I saw Mike Stelzner talking about it. We have done a few image strategies with podcasters – there is so much you can do with promotion – have fun and good luck for your panel!

  • excellent content filled post Donna! also luv using Canva, and just starting to learn more about using Slideshare, too. thanks a bunch 🙂

    • Great Jim – don’t forget to try out Canva for doing your SlideShare slides – we used it for this and it was great! All done in Canva!

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    Donna, you did an outstanding job with this post. It’s filled with great information.

  • Epic post Donna! Thanks so much for asking us to be a part of it. you always provide such great information – that’s so visually appealing!!

    • thanks Caz – so great to have you guys contribute and share your wisdom! Great tips!

  • I’m so glad I stumbled across this post (and this site) for the first time! There are so many great tips and nuggets that I’m looking forward to implementing. I’ve taken so many notes and need to reread this many more times, because it’s chock full of great advice. You rock! 🙂

    • Awesome Thea – nice to meet you virtually! So glad you like it – I did have some good “helpers” for this post so it was a lot of work but worth it as we wanted it to have the effect it has had – that people will love it but keep it to dip into later. Thanks so much for your feedback! Have a great day and weekend!

  • Jeff Domansky PR

    Donna, Thanks for putting a great post together! It’s a tremendous amount of work and a wonderful resource for bloggers and content pros. Kudos to you.

    • Thanks Jeff – these guys all made it easy – they are some super nice people always willing to give great ideas, and Canva’s slideshare templates and designers are the bomb!

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    Hi Donna! Thank you, that’s a great post indeed!

    • Cheers, glad you liked it (and I had some stellar help!)

  • Some excellent & valuable info here Donna, thank you! What an impressive lineup of stars!! I also love Lauren Bath’s work – she’s a super nice person who’s very approachable, and always willing to share the “how I did this shot” info. And it goes w/out saying that Canva absolutely rocks. #aussieaussieaussie 🙂

    • Thanks so much Andy – yes, Lauren Rocks – she shared so much great information I couldn’t fit it in and it is just perfect for another post soon! And yes, yes Canva does rock!

  • #10 was my favorite- sounds like being consistent was a takeway from many interviewees. Good to have insight from other varied sharers.

    • Yes I agree! Consistency is key and Josh sure knows his stuff, so I love #10 too!

  • This article is awesome. It is full of helpful information from great people, bright minds, interesting stories, and awesome people including you, Donna! You’re all good.

    • Thanks – yes they are a great bunch of people – I love their tips too!